November 30, 2015



For over a decade, WBOC’s Bless Our Children campaign has made Christmas happen for many less fortunate children in our area. Over the years, many of us can remember watching WBOC as they filled their Christmas tree up on-air with cards and donations from the community. Many of you may have often wondered where those proceeds end up. Well, the money raised from this campaign is distributed to local charitable groups across the peninsula that assist families during Christmas.

Last year, the Good Ole Boy Foundation was honored when WBOC selected them as one of the recipients to receive funds from this campaign. These funds allowed the GOBF to assist many more families across our community for Christmas.

This past week on Thanksgiving day, WBOC did a special feature on their 2014 Bless Our Children campaign. We were blessed to be a part of this program as they did a fantastic job highlighting the GOBF.