about us

our mission

The Good Ole Boy Foundation was founded to mobilize the community in an effort to unite resources and assist families in their time of unforeseen difficulties.

our strategy

Within our community, there are families who will face some of life’s toughest battles. Some of these families will be ravaged by financial hardships, tragic accidents, house fires, illness, death, etc. It is our desire to come alongside these families, rally support, and provide assistance where needed.

We discovered the key to this foundation’s success lies in the heart of the ones that make up our community. This foundation is merely a conduit between the generosity of individuals within our community and the families who need a helping hand. We achieve our mission by a chain reaction of three things: AWARENESS, EMPOWERMENT, and PARTNERSHIP.

We believe a crucial element for our organization is AWARENESS. Not just making people aware of our mission and objectives as an organization, but more importantly, telling the stories of those in our community who are facing tremendous obstacles. Allowing these stories to grip our heart unlocks the engine that drives the Good Ole Boy foundation. This engine is made up of courageous individuals willing to make personal sacrifices for the benefit of others.

Another key component of our organization is EMPOWERMENT. We believe AWARENESS paves the way to EMPOWERMENT. This foundation was created to empower ordinary individuals to do extraordinary things. We believe that all individuals have the ability to make an impact.

This organization is dependent upon the PARTNERSHIP of individuals, businesses, and other organizations within our community. These partnerships have provided invaluable resources, which have allowed us to reach and assist many families in our community.

Through this organization we have had the privilege of meeting some very extraordinary people. Some of these individuals are in an uphill climb to overcome some tremendous obstacles. Unfortunately, some of these obstacles are even life threatening. It is our goal to make their story known and rally a network of support around them to help assist them on their journey.

guiding principles

  • We are determined to better our community: We are dedicated to assisting our neighbors through community engagement. It is our deepest desire to better this place we call HOME.
  • We believe ALL children deserve a chance: Regardless of the situation, we will fight for our children in this community. We believe the spirit of the child should be preserved at all cost.
  • We DO NOT assist those who DO NOT try to help themselves: We are partners, not a free handout. We come alongside families who are determined to work hard and become self-sustaining and eventually contribute back to our community.